This page is the starting point for individuals seeking information about CHA housing programs and related procedures. We provide both Section 8 and Public Housing programs in addition to the specialized programs below.

If you have questions that are not answered by the information within this site, please contact us.


Veterans Assisted Supportive Housing

The Cheyenne Housing Authority is an active participant in the V.A.S.H. program which assists veterans and their case managers in finding safe, sanitary and affordable housing in the community the veteran wishes to live. Case Management and clinic services are provided by the VA at local VA Hospitals or community based outreach clinics.


The Cheyenne Housing Authority has scholarships available to active participants on Section 8 or Public Housing wishing to advance their education at LCCC in a discipline of their choice.

With two donations of $500 each, given in both the Spring and the Fall semesters, those interested in this educational opportunity should contact the Financial Aid department at LCCC to apply for this scholarship.

To be redirected to the LCCC Financial Aid website, click here.

Family Self Sufficiency Program

The Cheyenne Housing Authority administers the Family Self-Sufficiency Program in conjunction with HUD. This program allows individuals and families the opportunity to design a plan that would encourage and promote self-sufficiency by encouraging employment, advancement and independance from government assistance through education, training and case management.

Eligible families must be enrolled in a Housing Choice Voucher program or currently be accepting Public Housing as well as be in good standing with the CHA. Participation is voluntary and intended for families and individuals over the age of 18 who are willing to seek and maintain employment.

The CHA will calculate and maintain an interest bearing escrow account for the participants based on increases in their earned income. Families that successfully complete the program will receive the accrued escrow funds, plus interest to purchase a home of their own. FSS is a long-term case management program designed to connect participants with support services while encouraging the elimination of dependance on social welfare programs.