The Cheyenne Housing Authority (CHA) requires a written request by the owner who executed the HAP contract in order to make changes regarding who is to receive the CHA’s rent payment or the address as to where the rent payment should be sent.

In addition, the CHA requires a written request from the new owner to process a change of ownership. The following documents must accompany the written request:

  • Deed of Trust or Settlement Statement showing the transfer of title; and
  • Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number. The landlord must complete the necessary documentation to demonstrate the party to whom housing assistance payments will be made, and to whom the 1099 will be sent. The Landlord will be required to complete the applicable CHA form(s) and provide a copy of the IRS documentation reflecting the correct name and tax identification number of the recipient of the housing assistance payments.

New owners will be required to execute a taxpayer identification form. The CHA may withhold the rent payment until the a copy of the documentation showing the taxpayer identification number or a copy of the social security card is received.

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