Forms and Documentation

To assist you in bidding or contracting with the Cheyenne Housing Authority we have compiled and created links for some of the forms that are required. We also have examples of completed forms.


Tips for submitting bids:

  • Ensure that all forms required in the bid solicitation are complete, including signatures.
  • Always call or e-mail any questions you may have about the bid packet or any of the forms.
  • Pay special attention to complying with the bonding requirements that apply if your bid exceeds $ 7,000.
  • Fax bids cannot be accepted.
  • Bids received after the deadline cannot be considered.
  • All bids that are received by the deadline will be opened, reviewed and considered if the submission is complete.
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Under Contract

Tips for properly processing paperwork once the contract has been awarded. Special attention is advised for the following administrative requirements during construction projects:

  • Watch your dates on progress payments. Only make requests for payment on work completed and submit all weekly certified payrolls for labor provided during each billing period.
  • All completed contract work will be inspected and must be deemed acceptable before the request for payment is processed.
  • Accurately record labor provided. Payroll reporting must be done weekly. The reported days/hours that an employee works on the project will be confirmed. Wages must comply with the Davis-Bacon rate schedule provided. On-site employee interviews will be conducted and the information gathered will be compared with that reported on the submitted certified payroll forms.
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Links to HUDCLIPS and the DOL forms & instructions

Link to CHA form of contract

Here is a “how to” example of a completed form for payment including what other documentation needs to be submitted along with the request for payment.

Example: “A to Z Roofing, Inc.” entered into a contract with “Anytown Housing Authority” on March 30, 2011 to complete roof replacements on six single-family homes for the contracted amount of $28,000.00. Work began on April 11, 2011 and three of the houses were completed by April 29, 2011. The contractor will submit his first request for payment on May 2, 2011 using forms HUD-51000 & HUD-51001.

On the first side of HUD-51001, the dates for this periodic estimate are entered as “04/11/2011 to 04/30/2010”. The project information can be found on the Project Package Table of Contents page or the Notice of Award letter. The description of work completed would be the addresses of the three houses and the amount completed would be the dollar amount that each house was bid. Total these amounts and transfer this total to line 5 on the back of the form.

On the back side of HUD-51001, the owner is “Anytown Housing Authority”, the contractor is “A to Z Roofing, Inc.” and the contract was dated “03/30/2011”. (Do not enter the date the request for payment is being made.)

Of the original $28,000.00 contract amount, the value of the work completed is the $13,200.00 – brought over from the total on side 1. (There were no change orders approved during this period.) There is a 10% Retainage clause in the contract, so $1,320.00 is subtracted from the value of work in place. This leaves a payment of $11,880.00 due to A to Z Roofing, Inc.

The Authorized Representative of A to Z Roofing, Inc. signs and dates the form. HUD-51001 then will be submitted to Anytown Housing Authority with three separate certified weekly payroll forms. The forms will be reviewed and the completed work will be inspected. Anytown Housing Authority’s Authorized Project Representative and Contracting will then sign and date form HUD-51001 and the documents will processed for payment. A to Z Roofing, Inc. can expect payment within 30 days of their approved payment request.
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