Public Housing Participant Information

These units are owned by the Cheyenne Housing Authority. They are subsidized by HUD and must be administered in compliance with HUD regulations. Under a Cooperation Agreement with Laramie County, the CHA pays a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) but is otherwise tax exempt. Tenants pay 30% of their adjusted monthly gross income for rent and utilities.

The CHA began administering the public housing program in Laramie, starting April 1, 2002. The Laramie public housing program, previously administered by WCDA, consists of 75 units – 55 single-family homes scattered throughout Laramie and 20 units of multi-family housing in West Laramie.

Smoke-Free Housing Policy

Effective January 1, 2013, all Public Housing units are smoke-free for all tenants and guests to the units. No smoking is allowed within 20 feet of the unit to ensure the health and safety of the residents and guests. This policy includes cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, cloves, pipes, hookahs, bidis or any device or item that simulates any of these products.

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