At least annually, the Cheyenne Housing Authority (CHA) will conduct a reexamination of participant income and circumstances. The results of the reexamination determine (1) the rent the participant will pay, and (2) whether the participant is housed in the correct unit size.

The CHA will send a notification letter to the participant letting them know that it is time for their annual reexamination, giving them the option of selecting either the flat rent or formula method, and the opportunity to schedule an appointment if they are currently paying a formula rent. If the participant thinks they may want to switch from a flat rent to a formula rent, they should request an appointment. At the appointment, the participant can make their final decision regarding which rent method they will choose. The letter also includes, for those participants paying the formula method, instructions on where to obtain the forms to complete as part of the recertification process. The letter tells participants who may need to make alternate arrangements due to a disability that they may contact staff to request an accommodation of their needs.

Flat rent recertification:

The annual letter to flat rent payers regarding the reexamination process will state the following:

  • Each year at the time of the annual reexamination, the family has the option of selecting a flat rent amount in lieu of completing the reexamination process and having their rent based on the formula amount.
  • The amount of the flat rent.
  • Participants who opt for the flat rent will be required to go through the income reexamination process every three years, rather than the annual review they otherwise would undergo.
  • Participants who opt for the flat rent may request to have a reexamination and return to the formula-based method at any time for any of the following reasons:
    • The participant’s income has decreased
    • The participant’s circumstances have changed increasing their expenses for child care, medical care, etc.
    • Other circumstances creating a hardship on the family such that the formula method would be more financially feasible for the participant.
  • The dates upon which the CHA expects to review the amount of the flat rent, the approximate rent increase the family could expect, and the approximate date upon which a future rent increase could become effective.
  • The name and phone number of an individual to call to get additional information or counseling concerning flat rents.
  • A certification for the participant to sign accepting or declining the flat rent.

The flat rent option is only available annually at recertification time.

The formula method:

During the recertification process, the participant will provide all information regarding income, assets, expenses, and other information necessary to determine the participant’s share of rent. The participant will sign the HUD consent form and other consent forms. Upon receipt of verification, the CHA will determine the participant’s annual income and will calculate their rent as follows.

The total tenant payment is equal to the highest of:

  • 10% of monthly income;
  • 30% of adjusted monthly income; or
  • The welfare rent

The family will pay the greater of the total tenant payment or the minimum rent of $50, but never more than the ceiling rent.