Requirements and Procedures

The CHA is not required to perform a rent reasonableness comparison for voucher holders residing in units contained within projects that have Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) or HOME assisted units if the rent charged for the voucher holder does not exceed the greater of (1) then rent for other LIHTC or HOME assisted units in the project that are not occupied by families with tenant based rental assistance or (2) the payment standard for a unit of the size involved.

In making a rent reasonableness determination, the Housing Authority will compare the rent for the unit to the rent of comparable units in the same or comparable neighborhoods. The Housing Authority will consider the location, quality, size, number of bedrooms, age, amenities, housing services, maintenance and utilities of the unit and comparable units.

The owner must certify the rents charged for other units. By accepting the housing assistance payment each month the owner is certifying that the rent to owner is not more than the rent charged by the owner for comparable unassisted units in the premises.

Rent Reasonableness

The CHA will not approve an initial rent or a rent increase in any of the tenant-based programs without determining that the rent amount is reasonable. Reasonableness is determined prior to the initial lease and at the following times:

  • Before any increase in rent to owner is approved
  • If 60 days before the contract anniversary date there is a 5% decrease in the published Fair Market Rents (FMR) as compared to the previous FMR; and
  • If the Housing Authority or HUD directs that reasonableness be re-determined.