Eligibility Criteria

The CHA will look at the following information to determine final eligibility of the applicant household:

  • Citizenship – The CHA can only assist households who meet the eligible citizenship prescribed by regulations;
  • Criminal Background/Sex Offenders – The CHA may not assist registered sex offenders or households/individuals with a history of violent criminal or drug related behavior;
  • Previous tenancy in assisted housing – The CHA cannot assist tenants who owe money related to a previous tenancy in assisted housing;
  • Income Eligibility – Your eligibility for housing assistance is based on your household income. The income limits (see the Very Low Income line) are used to determine income eligibility and is based on Gross income, not net income.

The amount of rent you pay is based upon a formula calculation prescribed by regulations. On most programs, tenants pay a “fair share” which will not be more than 30% of the adjusted household income or 10% of gross household income or $50.00, whichever is higher. Adjustments are made for dependent children, child care costs, full time students over age 18, and utility costs paid by the tenant. Adjustments are made for Elderly, handicapped or disabled persons medical expenses paid out of pocket for the prior year that exceeds 3% of gross income.

Tenants will be required to disclose all sources of income and assets for the entire household.

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