Review Process

The Cheyenne Housing Authority (CHA) will give an applicant for participation in the Section 8 Voucher Program prompt notice of a decision denying assistance to the applicant. The notice will contain a brief statement of the reasons for the CHA’s decision. The notice will state that the applicant may request an informal review within ten (10) calendar days of the denial and will describe how to obtain the informal review.

When an Informal Review is not Required:

  • Determination of the participant unit size under the CHA subsidy standards;
  • General policy issues or class grievances;
  • Establishment of the CHA schedule of utility allowances for participants in the program;
  • CHA determination not to approve an extension or suspension of a voucher term;
  • CHA determination not to approve a unit or lease;
  • CHA determination that a unit is not in compliance with HQS;
  • CHA determination that the unit is not in accordance with HQS because of the family size or composition;
  • Discretionary administrative determinations by the CHA.

The Hearing will be conducted by a Hearing Officer: The CHA and applicant will adhere to the following procedures:

  • The review will be conducted by any person or persons designated by the CHA, other than a person who made or approved the decision under review or a subordinate of this person.
  • The applicant will be given an opportunity to present written or oral objections to the CHA decision.
  • The CHA will notify the applicant of the CHA decision after the informal review within 14 calendar days from the date of the hearing, stating briefly the reasons for the final decision.

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