Section 8 Voucher Issuance

Once the applicant has successfully supplied the Cheyenne Housing Authority (CHA) with all completed third-party verification to determine income eligibility, those who have applied for Section 8 will be issued a voucher. Any applicants outside of the Cheyenne area will be issued a voucher and issuance packet, by mail. Those applicants in the Cheyenne area will need to attend an issuance meeting to obtain their voucher and issuance packet. When you receive the issuance packet, you will have 60 days to search for a unit (based on the family’s composition in determining bedroom size) and complete the final lease-up. The applicant will contact the prospective landlord. The landlord performs their normal screening and determines whether the applicant is suitable to rent their unit.

When the landlord agrees to rent the unit to the applicant and the applicant accepts, the landlord and applicant need to fully complete and submit the Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) and the remaining forms in the Issuance Packet to CHA to start the leasing process. CHA will determine if the applicant is income-eligible for the unit, the payment standard and utilities are taken into consideration in determining the family’s rental portion and gross rent. CHA must also make sure that the unit is rent reasonable. If the unit works for the applicant an inspection through your local intake office will be scheduled. It is requested that the landlord and applicant attend the inspection. If the unit does not work for the applicant, they will be notified, and the applicant will need to search for a different unit.

Your local intake office will contact the applicant to set-up the inspection. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the landlord of the date and time of the inspection. HUD requires that the unit meet certain Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and pass rent reasonableness. If both of these conditions are met, the final lease-up can be performed, then and only then is when CHA begins subsidizing the applicant with rental assistance. Before the final lease-up is performed, the applicant is responsible for the full amount of rent at whatever unit they are occupying.

If the inspection does not pass inspection, a re-inspection of the unit will be scheduled after the necessary repairs are made. The repairs must be completed within 30 days of the initial inspection. The re-inspection can delay the effective date of the Lease. Should the unit fail a second time the unit will be considered unsuitable. The family must submit a new RTA for a different unit, as long as the family’s voucher has not expired. If the voucher expires, the family will be dropped from the waiting list and will need to reapply.

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